Topical for sore muscle relief

I frequently overwork myself in my daily exercises. I tell myself only an hour of working out everyday. I then start pushing it to an hour and five minutes, then ten minutes and then I hit 1.5 hours in no time. If I go too long, my body wears out and has injuries. I try to prevent injuries wherever possible but sometimes they happen. I run too long, bike too fast or lift too much weight. I used to rely on icy hot, ice and heating pads for help. I also would pop Advil for pain relief. A buddy of mine is a big time cannabis user. He is all about holistic health. He was the one that recommended using cannabis products for my pain relief. At first I thought my buddy wanted me to smoke a bong and get super high after a workout. Nope, topicals don’t even need to have THC in them. I was able to choose to only get CBD infused products. I also use a CBD cream that is applied directly to the skin. All the cream does is numb the area that hurts and reduces inflammation. It is a more powerful, less stinky icy hot. If I really wanted to get high, I would need to wear a patch that allows the cannabis to get into my bloodstream. I am not that hardcore. The topical works just perfectly for me. I treat that little tin like gold. Anytime I feel slightly sore I put some on the affected area and feel fine in a matter of hours. I try to cut back on my workouts, but it is nice knowing I have a safety net in my medicine cabinet.

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