All of my friends were doing recreational weed

You know, if it wasn’t for my friends I don’t recognize I could ever see myself trying recreational cannabis, and yet here I am, going to the recreational weed store daily! If I went back in time and told my younger self that I would be going to a recreational cannabis store near me, I would have been appalled! You see, I was raised on the strict belief that recreational pot was for low lifes and criminals, but nothing more, and nothing less.

And for a long time I believed it, I remember turning my nose up at people who went to a recreational pot store near me; Looking back, it all seems so stupid now… I even sneered at people who used cbd products! But then when I entered school, I met an awesome group; The thing is with school, is that you want to fit in badly.

It can sometimes be taxing to be accepted, since all the people can be judgmental! Since I had dealt with plenty of judgmental people in the past, I was overjoyed when I met a fantastic group of people. And then I found out they used recreational pot, and I was incredibly disappointed. But then I had a realization, if this awesome group of people are using cannabis, it can’t be all that bad, once I tried recreational marijuana for the first time, my mind was changed forever. I entirely prefer using weed products now, all thanks to my group of friends. I absolutely had a single other realization as well, all of this time I was judging the people who used those products, and yet those people never judged me.

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