Digital marketing solutions for multi-state operations

I opened up a cannabis dispensary in a tiny town and it started to thrive.

Due to this, I decided to pen up for multiple locations.

I now have four locations of my dispensary. I am pretty unique in that all the edibles are homemade baked goods that are being made on site. I have a pretty high end dab bar with an Alice in Wonderland theme that is very popular. Two of my locations were doing really well. The other two were starting to struggle. I figured out that people just didn’t know about the other spots. I wasn’t sure what to do about that. I knew I needed to advertise, but I wanted to link my brand all together. Multi-location digital marketing solutions was the right move for me. I found an SEO team that made me a website for each location and linked them together. So when you search my brand, you can see that I have different locations. Digital marketing solutions for multi-locations means that each location has its own separate web page. The SEO content writer made each location sound unique and fun. I didn’t make a carbon copy foru times. I did a new Alice in Wonderland character for each spot. It really is a separate business, but all connected. The social media platforms for each spot are different too. I needed someone to handle all of that. The digital marketing solutions for multi-state operations handled everything for me. I got to focus on the business side of things and hired some people. They got locals knowing about each of my stores.

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