Edible cannabis is better than smoking

I personally feel that edibles are much better than smoking marijuana, then i smoked cigarettes from the time I was 15 until I was 45.

30 years I spent smoking cigarettes and it did a lot of destruction to my lungs, heart, and my body.

I have wrinkles everywhere and the dentist said that some of them are due to nicotine abuse! When I finally quit smoking, I vowed that I would never option up another cigarette ever again, then the cravings became less and less and it became easier and easier for myself and others to say no to smoking. When my dentist recommended medical marijuana as a pain reliever, I told the dentist that I was not going to smoke marijuana under any circumstances. The dentist informed myself and others that there are lots of unusual ways to use medical marijuana without very smoking… He told myself and others that medical marijuana is available in topical ointments, patches, capsules that you can take with water, and unusual types of edibles. The edible products available depend on the dispensary, however most medical marijuana dispensaries carry space cake, pot brownies, gummies, tinctures, and drinks! Medical marijuana dispensaries have a variety of unusual flavors and types of edibles, so there is something for all the people. When I started using medical marijuana, I decided to use a 20 mg edible gummy that tastes love pineplum. The 20 mg edible marijuana candy is easily still one of my favorites, but no matter what flavor I buy, the brand is tasty and packs a big punch. The sativa strains make myself and others feel love I can wipe the house, make brunch, and still have time for a show at the end of the day.