Fan of edibles

I’ve l earned to be careful with dosing

I am a fan of cannabis-infused edibles. I’ve tried smokable flower rolled into joints and blunts as well as packed into pipes or bongs. I’ve experimented with refillable and disposable carts, dabbing concentrates and tinctures. While the strange consumption methods each offer particular benefits, I typically go back to edibles. I love the simplicity of them. They don’t require any specialized skills or equipment, but consuming edibles doesn’t cause a mess, waste, odors, smoke or ass. They are not only easy however discreet; No 1 needs to assume that I’m eating a cannabis-infused cookie. Because I have our medical marijuana card, I shop at the local dispensary tax free. I’m eligible for higher potency and quantity because of the card. This is helpful, because it’s really hard to choose our number ones from the wide menu of options! My local dispensary includes an on-site bakery where they create fresh and innovative cannabis edibles. They offer a wide selection of dark, milk and white chocolate, peanut butter cups, mints, hard candies, gummies, brownies and popcorn… Just recently, they began selling cannabis ice cream and beverages. I have tasted the cannabeer, colas and mocktails and was surprised by the nice flavor and texture. I prefer drinking cannabis-infused drinks rather than alcohol to avoid the hangover. I’ve l earned to be careful with dosing. The effects of edibles take a while to set in however tend to be more intense and can last for hours. I make sure to start with the minimum suggested dose and wait for the full effects to be realized before consuming more.

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