I couldn’t make my own website

Then an SEO analyst helped my website be visible on google

In this day and age you can’t get by without a website. Nobody is reading the paper or consulting the phonebook anymore. Business cards are great, but typically people lose them. A good web design is key. Well there are so many platforms online like Wix where you can make your own website. I figured in order to save a little money I was going to make my own cannabis dispensary website. I took some pictures and uploaded them. I wrote my own content and launched the website. Well it was horrible. The pictures were super tiny and blurry. The content had a typo in it that I couldn’t figure out how to fix. I also realized that my phone number was very difficult to find. I realized that not everyone can make a good website. You need to be technologically and artistically brilliant. I found dispensary digital marketing services online and hired them right out. The first thing they did was toss my website. The web builder was so much better at it. He took his own pictures that actually looked clear, high end and professional. The content was longer and more detailed. I even got multiple pages of content on my website. I have a page for edibles, flower, oils, tinctures and topicals. There is even an area you can order for curbside pick up. Then an SEO analyst helped my website be visible on google. Now when you type in my town and cannabis, my company comes right up to the top. I am so glad that I hired these people.

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