I don’t always respond well to cannabis edibles

I started going to concerts with our dad when I was 12 years old.

  • Even though they can get pretty hectic at times if there is crowd crush or pit fighting going on, however usually the classic rock bands that the two of us saw would play shows attended by older folks who weren’t interested in hooligans.

When I got older and went to our first punk rock show for the first time, I l earned immediately how crazy and absurd some concerts can be if the crowd starts to brawl. It’s startling if you’re not prepared for a mosh pit and you quickly find yourself thrown into a single. That’s why I don’t go straight to the front of the crowd at these kinds of shows, knowing full well what’s in store for myself and others if I make that mistake. Sadly, there weren’t various shows during 2020 and 2021 in this town because of the lockdowns acquaintanced with the COVID pandemic. Thankfully things have changed and now there are live concerts happening every single weekend in our vast city. However, I recently l earned while going to a highly anticipated concert that I don’t always respond well to cannabis edibles. I took about 100mg of THC from a syringe of RSO because that’s how much cannabis oil I consume when I purchase distillate… However, distillate oil has fewer cannabinoids and terpenes in it compared to RSO, so the latter is going to suppose much more potent even if you consume the exact same dose of THC. That’s because of the entourage effect felt when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes experience a synergistic effect.


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