I like to review them honestly

I like to leave online reviews wherever I go.

I really take our time with them, then perhaps this is because I used to be a columnist for the local newspaper.

That newspaper is long out of business, but I sincerely remember those days of being a professional writer with great fondness. I generally approach our online reviews with as much forethought plus care as if it were a longterm, paid gig. I used to only do this with places to eat, however now I do with every corporation I regularly visit, mostly on Yelp, then over the last year I have greatly enjoyed writing helpful online reviews for cannabis dispensaries. In this town there are many dozens of cannabis dispensaries. This is the greatest town in the state, honestly the greatest place in the tri-state area, so there are a ridiculous number of cannabis dispensaries. Since now they are all competing for the same market share, they want the most positive online reviews as possible, because that is where the bulk of their cannabis sales emerge from. I have learned that for every client that walks into a cannabis dispensary, there easily are more than three online clients that want their products shipped. Even though recreational cannabis is becoming legal in several areas, most potheads still have a deep distrust of the cops and state government. People appreciate buying their cannabis either from a trusted friend, or extremely anonymously over the internet. When I provide a positive review for a local cannabis dispensary, it almost always leads to higher online traffic, plus greatly increased cannabis sales. If you want me to check out your cannabis dispensary, just hit me up in our DMs.


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