I love a diverse product menu at a cannabis dispensary

I started going to restaurants again after getting two vaccine boosters and seeing the rates of infection drop in both my state and my local community.

While the risk of infection is certainly not gone in regards to COVID, I feel a lot safer than I did a year and a half ago when the numbers were outrageous everywhere.

On top of that, my favorite restaurant built booths that remain somewhat isolated from one another and have fans above to recirculate the air constantly. If more businesses would simply invest in ceiling fans to promote air circulation, that alone would lower the risk of infection indoors by a considerable amount. It’s when the air is stagnant and someone sick is constantly filling it with new viral particles upon every single exhale. The other thing I like about my favorite restaurant is the diverse product menu that changes a little every month to keep up with fresh ingredients when they are in season. While the restaurant keeps staples on the menu at all times, there are exploratory options as well for long-time customers who want to try something new when they eat out. I have said for years that this is the key to success with a cannabis dispensary as well. A cannabis product menu needs to have a few staples in it so patients who need consistency can get it, but there need to be unique and diverse options as well. Some cannabis dispensaries grow different strains all of the time and don’t do much testing on their own before throwing different genetics at their customers.


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