Inviting our acquaintance over to like some nice blunts of OG Kush

My best acquaintance Johnny wasn’t a weed smoker when the two of us were younger, always opting for cigars and alcohol instead.

When the two of us were in our college years, the two of us met up during holidays and breaks from our respective colleges to do a tiny bit of partying.

I didn’t mind hitting the bars, despite the fact that I always preferred to smoke cannabis with our other friends instead. There was a single night when I spotted a cop motorcar in the parking lot scoping out people leaving the bar for easy DUI charges. I told our acquaintance that the two of us needed to keep walking down the street to a nearby ice cream shop to wait a while for the police officer to leave or lose sight of us. I cannot think how quickly our worst fears came to fruition, because it wasn’t even many minutes later that the exact same cop pulled out of her parking spot at high speed and immediately threw on her lights for the first woman leaving the bar after us. They had walked straight to their motorcar like the two of us had initially intended. My acquaintance thanked myself and others profusely for saving him from getting a DUI that day with our quick response and foresight. Thankfully Johnny smokes cannabis now and the two of us can like it in the safety of our new home separate from having to drive to an external location like a bar. I invited Johnny over yesterday to share some blunts I had rolled of fresh OG Kush flower buds I bought from a local cannabis dispensary. There was a sale on cannabis flower products and I took full advantage, getting a jar of OG Kush and a jar of Jet Fuel OG.


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