Looking for top shelf flower

The medicinal dispensary offers a wide variety of consumption methods and strains.

While I’ve experimented with vapes, tinctures, edibles, beverages and various concentrates, I always go back to dried flower.

I appreciate the process, flavors and effects of smoking weed. Although I like the convenience of pre-rolled joints and blunts, I usually prefer to buy loose flower and roll my own. It’s taken a while to get competent at rolling up joints of good size and consistency, I think that the effort is worth it. Through practice, I’ve gotten where I can create joints that burn evenly. I’ve also learned how to determine good quality flower. I look for bright greens with flecks of purple or blue and bright orange hair-like pistils. If the pistils are white, I know the weed was cultivated pre-maturely. If they are grayish in color, it’s a sign that the flower is old. The surface of the bud should be covered in mushroom-shaped, crystal-like trichomes. The trichomes contain the cannabinoids and terpenes that are responsible for potency, flavor and smells. The weed should have a strong, pungent smell, with a texture that is not dry and crumbly or wet and sticky. I am fortunate that the medicinal dispensary closest to my home carries a wide variety of indica, sativa and hybrid flower. There are high THC strains that are very clean, with no seeds or sticks. I don’t want to smoke shake or trim. I am willing to pay more for top-shelf cannabis. I have joined their loyalty program so that I get alerts for daily deals, vendor days and new products.

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