Medical cannabis helps with injuries

When my state initially legalized medicinal cannabis, I went right out and got my MMJ card.

I stressed the doctor’s visit and got the recommendation.

I filled out the necessary paperwork and paid the fees. It was such a relief when I was finally allowed to shop at the dispensary. I suffer from drastic pain in my shoulders, back and hips due to a motorcycle accident multiple years ago. After several surgeries and tons of physical therapy, I found it strenuous to get back to my proper life. The stiffness of my joints, inflammation of my muscles and general discomfort made most of my number one activities impossible. I couldn’t sleep soundly at night, had trouble getting up in the morning and missed a lot of work, however going up and down stairs, driving, sitting at the computer, lifting anything slightly heavy, bending down and reaching up were all absolutely tough for me, then having access to cannabis was such an improvement. I’m able to treat my symptoms separate from worrying about adverse side-effects. I shop a combination of CBD-dominant and THC-dominant products; Because CBD is non-psychoactive, I can consume CBD tinctures, edibles and vapes separate from impairing motor skills or judgment. I also rely heavily on cannabis-infused topicals for localized relief. In the afternoons and on weekends, I introduce higher THC potency into my treatment. I constantly shop concentrates that I can vape or dab. I’ve found that cannabis is much less lavish than pharmaceuticals. I’m also able to absolutely adjust dosage to maximize benefits. Because of access to medical marijuana, I have hope of my life getting back to normal.

Medical Cannabis Cards