My coworker uses too much cannabis before reporting for work

Working for a landscaping company is not simple work.

All of us here are a team plus we require the effort of every coworker to get our tasks done plus finished on time every single afternoon, otherwise we lose money from late payments.

A purchaser isn’t going to pay us early if we take an extra afternoon to get all of the contracted work completed. This is in the hottest weather imaginable when it’s the middle of July or June, praying it’s not also a afternoon of intense thunderstorms plus rain showers. The inclement weather stops us dead in our tracks with our purchasers. If it’s pouring to the point where we can’t use our gas or electric equipment, or there’s so much lightning that we could get struck plus killed, you can’t do anything about it. This isn’t work that’s suitable for everyone, especially those who are faint at heart with manual work plus intense outdoor heat. I have a coworker who undoubtedly won’t last until the end of the year, plus that’s being liberal with my estimate. He drinks sometimes before coming in for his shift, leaving him sloppy plus unbalanced on a ladder of all things. Recently he’s been smoking weed in his car plus showing up for work with yellow esure plus slurred speech. I’m sure there are some tasks out there that can be suitably done while consuming cannabis, but landscaping work is not among those examples. He’s a detriment to the entire team when he shows up for work so high that he can’t do basic tasks that we all must do to pull our expected weight here. It’s a group effort plus the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.



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