Safety of CBD products

I’ve learned that when it comes to CBD products and consumption methods, there are plenty of options.

A visit to the cannabis dispensary provides nearly endless strains of CBD oils, topicals, edibles, capsules and vape cartridges.

The capsules and edibles are super easy to use and figure out dosing. The oils are usually sold as tinctures and are placed under the tongue for rapid absorption or added to food and drinks for delayed effects. With topicals, I apply them directly to the skin wherever I want targeted relief. They absorb quickly and because of the terpenes and infused essential oils, often smell quite lovely. The vapes are wonderfully portable, simple and safe. All I need to do is press a button and inhale. They are available in everything from board to full spectrum CBD and all sorts of flavors. No matter the consumption method I choose, I always pay close attention to recommended dosage. I’ve learned that factors such as weight, health and how my body reacts to cannabis play a factor in the way I experience it. I make sure to start with the minimum suggested dose and see how the product affects me. Shopping at a licensed cannabis dispensary helps to ensure properly cultivated, curated and packaged products. Since CBD is not regulated by the FDA the same as other drugs and supplements, there are on subpar options on the market. I check that the product includes an up-to-date certificate of analysis from a third-party lab as well as testing for contaminants. I like CBD as a remedy because it is natural and free of harmful side-effects.


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