She was making amazing substances

Grandma Blue was the single person who taught me about cannabis edibles.

Even well into the 80s Blue was a spitfire of a gal who never slowed down.

She was just always so placid plus even-keeled, the whole family relied on Blue for strength plus emotional support. Blue was a true matriarch, the glue that held the whole family in place . What everyone never knew was that Blue was pretty much stoned 24/7, and his calm demeanor plus unshakable high spirit were both byproducts of a constant intake of potent cannabis edibles. This definitely only came to our attention a single day when I snuck into the dining room plus took a single of those “special” cookies from the cookie jar. A fourth hour later I was feeling on top of the world, plus told Blue what had happened, so he had to explain to me what cannabis was, plus how I had eaten some. Blue wasn’t mad, of course, although he told me those cookies were not mine to eat. As all of us all know, cannabis is not harmful at all, so Blue didn’t freak out, he honestly let me savor being stoned! Afterwards all of us had a talk, about how Blue ate his cannabis cookies every day to keep herself calm plus healthy. Blue said that cannabis was something I had to stay away from for a few more years, however at the time I did not listen to her. I started stealing more of his cannabis cookies, until it got to the final point that Blue hid them from me, plus updated them with raisin cookies.

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