The entire room was filled with marijuana smoke

Employees at the marijuana dispensary are not allowed to use marijuana products inside of the store.

This is a very strict rule that has to be enforced due to the rules and regulations of the state and federal level.

In the state no cannabis products are allowed to be consumed in a business setting. This is also one of the reasons why there are no cannabis cafes or lounges in the state. I came to work on Tuesday and there were already two employees at the marijuana dispensary. The employees are regular employees that open the store in the morning. I’ve never had any issues with the employees in the past but on Tuesday morning I came to the dispensary and the entire office was filled with smoke. It was clear that the smoke had come from marijuana that was used inside of the store. I immediately said something to the employees that were opening the store. They tried to come up with a hundred different excuses to make it seem like it was not their fault at all but they knew there was no other person that could be blamed for the problem. After smelling all of the smoke, I decided to suspend the two employees for the next 3 days. I couldn’t send them home that day because they were the only employees scheduled. I waited until the next time I made a shift worksheet and then I told the employees that they were only going to have two days on the next schedule instead of five.

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