The shroomy weekend of my dreams

Just because we’re ancient humans nos doesn’t mean all of us can’t still get together! Louis has been my best acquaintance for the last fifteen years or so, way back before either Louis or I had kids.

The people I was with and I used to get crazy back then, then all of us got wives, had kids, and settled down, then Louis and I only see each other a few times a year now, but whenever Louis and I do the ancient feelings come back and all of us tend to go a little off the rails. Louis and I drink whiskey like water, indulge in our ancient and mostly-discontinued tobacco vices, and smoke copious amounts of cannabis, then last Summer Louis and I legitimately had a few afternoons free of the kids, so all of us loaded up on tons of booze and cannabis and set out to get blotto. Louis brought along a few doses of LSD to go with the cannabis. Personally, I don’t like to really take any kind of psychedelic drugs if I don’t have an ample supply of cannabis on hand to immediately temper it. The mushrooms can make myself and others a little spacey, and smoking marijuana generally keeps myself and others tethered to reality to some degree. The whole weekend was totally a blur, with several acid drops, more than one bottle of whiskey being consumed, and a constant haze of marijuana plumes filling the house. This is the sort of thing all of us can never do with the kids around, of course, because the acid makes myself and others loopy, and the cannabis smoke would be harmful to them. When the kids are at the lake condo I always have to smoke cannabis outside.
Pot brownies