After Sunday, all deliveries will be $5

The prices on all products are going up.

The two of us shouldn’t be surprised to see the price of eggs at $4, however yesterday I bought a gallon of milk and it was more extravagant than a gallon of gas.

I am losing my mind over these extravagant prices. I think all of us are in the middle of a recession, but a lot of us do not have the currency to spend $8 for a bag of grapes. The school wants the kids to eat healthy and nutritious snacks and so do I, but it’s impossible to buy fruits and vegetables when the costs are outrageous. The cost of everything is going up and that includes the prices and delivery fees on recreational marijuana products. I frequently order recreational marijuana products from a dispensary nearby. The marijuana dispensary has enjoyable sale prices and they offer a big selection and variety of cannabis concentrates. I ordered delivery a couple of mornings ago and I found out that the delivery service is going to beginning charging $5 starting on Sunday. That was the last time that I could get free delivery. I think the $5 fee doesn’t sound adore a lot of extra currency, even though I do not like paying for delivery when there are no fees to go to the dispensary and buy the items. It’s sad to see how bad things have gotten in this country. When you can get pizza and carona delivered for free, but not prescription medications, there is clearly something wrong with the way that civilization views our priorities. The government still doesn’t even consider marijuana to be a prescription drug.

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