Cannabis oil pens are easy to conceal in private

After meeting my wife I started going to lots of sports games at her request. I was always ambivalent about sports in general, especially during the few years I worked at the sports section of my town’s local newspaper. But I enjoy going to any outing with my wife as she’s the most important thing in my life. It doesn’t bother me if she ends up suggesting a sports game because I know she’s at least enjoying herself. Sometimes we get drinks, but more often than not we’ll just buy a hot dog or two to enjoy while watching the game. Since there are already a ton of drunks in the stands, I don’t want to add to that insanity. However, there is one indulgence that I like to imbibe in during these sports games. That’s my cannabis vaporizer pen. These cannabis oil pens are extremely easy to conceal in public because they are literally the size of a pen. The vapor looks identical to nicotine vapor, thus few would have any idea what you’re vaping inside the atomizer tank. I still haven’t been busted with my cannabis oil pen and I’ve used it in places where smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited. In the latter situation I merely exhaled the vapor into my sweater jacket and it completely concealed the visual effect of vaporizing. This is an excellent way to enjoy sports games, particularly if you get bored easily like I do while sitting in the stands with loved ones. Thankfully my favorite cannabis dispensary always has a great selection of cannabis oil pens. Some are even disposable.


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