Everyone I knew that legalizing medical marijuana was a fantastic thing.

About multiple years ago, they legalize medical marijuana in our state.

Everyone I knew thought that legalizing medical marijuana was a fantastic thing.

Many of the men we had gone to school with had served in Vietnam plus other foreign wars. Some of our sons had been in foreign wars in the mid-to-late 1990s. Nearly all the people I knew who had been in a war came back with some kind of depression, physical ailment, or social problem. When we found out they were going to legalize medical marijuana, we all thought the state was finally looking at people with these kinds of mental, physical, or emotional problems. Both of us hoped were finally being recognized as having a disability]and finally being accepted into society. Fast forward multiple years, plus the same people who were ecstatic to see medical marijuana legalized were now arguing over having legalized recreational marijuana. I felt that the few people who had fallen through the cracks of getting medical marijuana could finally be able to purchase legal recreational marijuana plus self medicate themselves as so multiple people do with aspirin, acetaminophen, plus other over-the-counter drugs; Unluckyly, I was in the minority. Many of those who thought medical marijuana was a fantastic thing quickly thought that any kind of marijuana use should be illegal. Seems that those same few who are now fighting any kind of legal marijuana are the same ones who used illegal marijuana multiple years ago. My friend wanted to remind them of their transgressions all those years ago, however she was afraid it would only harden them more.

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