Holistic health made me guess good about marijuana use.

Last week, my hubby and I went to talk to a pain management doctor, however both of us walked into the clinic in had to go through orientation in before all of us could talk to the doctor… When the pain management doctor came out took me into her office, she started looking at my shoulder, and talked about the category of shots she could put into it, she told me eventually it would lead to surgery, even though she had not even taken any x-rays.

Within numerous hours, she went from discussing needles and surgery to discussing holistic health.

She asked my hubby if she had ever heard of a natural way to heal that did not include traditional medicine and chopping. She said several of her patients did not respond well to the shots, and she would propose marijuana to them. She knew several people did not guess in a holistic health lifestyle, and if she were to mention using marijuana to them, some of them would absolutely other go ballistic or faint, but my hubby told him she had no problem with residing a holistic lifestyle, but she was distraught about the fact that marijuana was not legal, but the doctors said they had recently passed medical marijuana legalization laws, and she was qualified to give the recommendation for people to get a medical marijuana card. My hubby and I said that all of us would go condo and talk abut this alternative holistic health method, before deciding.I thought a holistic, healthy lifestyle could be good for both of us, although I was more interested in him getting relief from her gout from the marijuana.

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