I bought my CBD products at the marijuana dispensary.

I had been going to the medical marijuana dispensary for almost two years before I realized they sold CBD there.

When I started going to the medical marijuana dispensary, I had to get a medical marijuana ID.

Now I found out that I can purchase CBD at the marijuana dispensary. I found out, over the last two years, that higher amounts of CBD worked better for me than the higher amounts of TCH. I hoped CBD would be cheaper in the marijuana dispensary, but I was wrong. I could buy the same product at almost half the price. CBD is just as expensive as regular THC laden marijuana. Although both are good for medical reasons, CBD seems to target only the place where you have pain. I asked the pharmacist at the dispensary why CBD was more expensive in the dispensary than at the pharmacy. She told me they had higher quality product. All CBD and THC products were grown and processed in the state where you live. All growers need to follow statewide regulations and laws as set by the state. When I found out how it needed to be purified before being sold, I no longer bought my CBD at the family pharmacy, but I bought it from the local marijuana dispensary. I wanted to make sure that whatever I put in my body was pure and natural. My friend told me I was wasting too much money by going to the marijuana dispensary. I shrugged her statement off, because it was her opinion. She thought I was dismissing her and walked out.


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