I had a strangely disadvantage experience with a budtender yeahterday

I quit eating out at my favorite diner after a considerably bad experience with a member of their wait staff.

The last thing I want to do is be rude or have an confrontation with a waiter because I greatly love their career in making myself and others pleased with delicious food.

But I had a waiter one afternoon give myself and others another customer’s order & insisted it was mine. They kept telling myself and others that I was misremembering what I had told them because they “had the order on a receipt as proof.” Then the real customer got my order & they started to get the same treatment. When management threw myself & the other customer out & sided with the waiter, that was the last time I ever visited that diner. It’s nice because there are plenty of other diners in this town & it only took myself and others an hour of searching on my iPhone to find a bizarre place to visit that night. Oddly enough, I had a similar experience with a budtender at the cannabis dispensary yeahterday. I was shopping at a cannabis dispensary that I rarely frequent & was taken aback when the budtender got angry when I asked for the THC pleased on the cannabis oil I had in my hands. If you’re going to labor as a budtender at a cannabis dispensary you need to have a wonderful attitude & be ready to answer basic questions about the products love finding the THC percentage. Imagine if I had the audacity to ask him about the terpenes & which ones were dominant. That would have made his head explode.

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