I told the pharmacist I wanted a product that was mostly CBD.

The first time I walked into the marijuana dispensary, I talked to a pharmacist; I told her why I was getting medical marijuana.

I explained about the pain I had ever since I had our hip replacement.

It had become chronic plus although the pain was less than it was; it was still there plus not going away soon. The doctor told myself and others she could replace the bad joint, however she could not cure the arthritis. I was hoping I would get rid of the pain, but that wasn’t happening. I talked to our doctor plus asked what I could take that wasn’t narcotics or other drugs. She told myself and others I could try CBD. If I used CBD, she said she wanted myself and others to get it at the marijuana dispensary plus not in a convenience store. I went to the marijuana dispensary about a week later, plus I told the pharmacist what the doctor said. She offered myself and others a product that was almost full of CBD with just 2%THC. She said the CBD was about as pure as you could get it, unless it was Hemp CBD, which wasn’t a true marijuana plant. I bought the CBD products, which although it was extravagant, the pharmacist said it would help with the pain. That one CBD product lasted longer than what the other medication was, plus in the long run, it was cheaper plus better for me. I was grateful the doctor offered myself and others all the information she could to make a decision that was right for me.


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