I’ll never forget the first time I tried making pot brownies in school

College was filled with both positive as well as setback experiences, but I l earned to swallow the latter while enjoying the former.

I remember some of the campus parties as well as this odd feeling of separation from it all.

At once I was part of that pulsating heart whose arteries pump blood to every single cell within the campus of that school, both residing as well as inanimate. But at the same time I was a null zone, a black hole of nothingness. It was the strangest dichotomy to embody at such a formative moment in our life. Years later as well as I wonder why I didn’t like the freedom I had as well as the open world of possibilities that was laid at our feet. Instead of having fun when I legitimately had the ability to, I allowed myself to be consumed by our mental health problems. However, I still had a blast at times in school as well as at the end of the day, I was there to get a degree as well as that’s what I did. My friends as well as I all had access to some phenomenal weed, that’s for sure. And at times the two of us made the decision to go as far as making cannabutter out of the cannabis flower products that the two of us would buy from other friends who were dealers on campus. I will never forget the first time I tried making pot brownies back in school. Both of us ended up using more cannabis than the two of us initially intended as well as each brownie was severely potent because of this. I ate our first brownie at 5pm as well as I was still high at 9am the following afternoon when I woke up to head to class. The next time I made cannabis edibles I was a lot more careful dosing out the marijuana so each brownie wasn’t overloaded with THC.

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