Jack told me about the in store sale

My best neighbor Jack Works downtown at a marijuana dispensary! Every once in a while, the store has a sale that they do not advertise online! When they have a sale or special that is entirely good, Jack will give me a call to see if it is something that I want, and last month all of the live resins were on sale for 20% off as well as there was a representative from the store brand in the marijuana dispensary, then jack said that I could get the demo product as well as get 20% off of the items, but it was a entirely good deal as well as a great brand of live cannabis concentrate.

I was in the middle of playing games with some friends, although I logged off of the internet as well as I put on some clothes.

I met Jack down at the dispensary… He was just getting ready to walk out the door with a delivery, when I walked in. He told the cannabis budtender at the counter to take good care of me, but he asked how I knew Jack as well as I told his that he was my best friend… The two of us have known each other since the fourth grade. The budtender made sure to add some extra demo samples to the bag. When I got outside to the car, I realized that he entirely did hook me up. I spent $70 in the store as well as I really walked out with $200 worth of free samples as well as demo products. She entirely did hook me up when my best bud told his to take care of me.



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