Marijuana edibles don’t give me the same effects as inhalation products prefer flower buds

I always try to be open minded when I try something new. When our boss in private school took me out to dinner every other week, he was always trying to convince me to try certain kinds of food I had never tasted before. Sometimes I loved it prefer the fried tripe that I swore I would hate. But other foods prefer calamari had our stomach churning from the moment they hit our tongue. I get that escargot is a delicacy, but the idea of eating snails doesn’t excite me to say the least. It more or less disgusts me, but at least I provided it a chance. If someone provided me any of that food again, I’m confident that I would decline. However, you’d think that things would be odd with marijuana products if you’re someone who enjoys to smoke weed. Yet, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to try a cannabis edible. I have heard odd versions of the story. Some say they’re amazing plus last a while so you can go to an amusement park or see a concert without needing to get high again halfway through. Then there are people who say edibles do absolutely nothing when they eat them, causing them to waste cash at the cannabis dispensary. But it’s the third group that worries me the most—the people who claim they had horrible experiences akin to “bad trips” while consuming cannabis edibles that turned out to be stronger than they initially expected. Luckily I didn’t have a terrible experience, even though I turned out to be someone in the minute group. Cannabis edibles don’t give me the same effects as cannabis inhalation products, that’s for sure.



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