Medical marijuana supplier licenses in my state cost millions of dollars

There are some industries that have a high barrier of entry for new supplier owners.

Brick and mortar retail stores are a wonderful example because of the rise of corporate megaliths that are able to bring consumers all of the products they need at much lower prices.

You have to compete with big companies that are willing to take a loss for a while if it means creating a better hold on the market. Back in my parents’ generation, you could make a living for yourself operating a stone and mortar store because most companies were on a much more level playing field. Instead, you’ve got markets that are already highly saturated and barely capable of taking on a bigger load with existing chances available. You have to be sufficient with your expectations if you want to be a supplier owner yourself. My neighbor Michael and I would often dream about 1 day opening and operating a large medical marijuana dispensary. The people I was with and I had loads of ideas, it’s just a shame that none came to fruition. It would not have meant much regardless. Our lake apartment state makes it next to impossible to afford a medical marijuana supplier license without tens of millions of dollars. On top of that, you need even more currency than not to invest in your grow facilities and retail stores. So unless you or a group of investors has tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars sitting around in a bank account somewhere waiting to be spent, you should particularly change your priorities about having a cannabis dispensary dream become a reality.
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