My brother is a phenomenal cannabis grower in his own right

I wish I had shown an interest in growing plants when I was younger.

My parents had a huge garden in the backyard and we were all encouraged to make our own plots in the garden to grow whatever we wanted.

I tried it for one year but quickly gave up. My brother on the other hand took the opportunity to slowly turn into an avid gardener. He successfully raised pumpkins from just seeds one year and it ignited within him a huge passion for growing plants. By the time we all reached high school age, my brother was joining competitions at the local county fair. He never won higher than the bronze, or third place, but just getting that high was an immense source of pride for him. It was only natural that he would love biology so much in high school before finally choosing botany in college as his major. However, few of us knew that my brother was slowly developing a love for the cannabis plant. He did so well in high school with a 4.0 GPA that he was the last person I would have ever suspected as being a pot smoker, but he was all of those years going back to his 16th birthday apparently. So when he was a college student finally getting access to dispensary quality cannabis, my brother hatched a plan to join the marijuana industry after college to become a grower. His hard work paid off because now he’s the head of cultivation at a very successful marijuana grow operation here in our home state. I love buying marijuana from my brother’s company because I know it’s grown under his supervision and possesses the byproducts of his immense love for the cannabis plant.


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