My daughter gave me CBD gummies to help with leg cramps.

My daughter bought some gummies at the pharmacy and told me to try them.

My daughter had been using medical marijuana for about two years. She had migraines that were debilitating and it nearly cost her, her family. She went to a neurologist who offered her some spinal shots, but she wanted nothing that was induced into her spine. The neurologist gave her the name of the pain management clinic, and she took all the classes they offered, even before she talked to the doctor. His last visit had her convinced there products out there that didn’t include medicines or injections. When she talked to the pain doctor, he gave her one more thing to try. Dr. Majah asked if I had ever thought about using medical marijuana. He said marijuana was a plant found in nature and had been used as long as people have been on this earth. He told her that if she didn’t want the potent marijuana; he suggested she try CBD.. CBD may not stop the pain totally, but it would help to lessen the pain and the time they existed. When my daughters found out I was having leg cramps that kept me awake all night, she told me I had RLS, restless leg syndrome. One girl she met at the marijuana dispensary told her she had a single leg cramp since using CBD. My daughter bought some gummies at the pharmacy and told me to try them. I was hesitant to try something that was originally illegal, but was now legal, but I had to get some sleep. I accepted the CBD gummies and ate one that night. I couldn’t believe that after only two weeks, my leg cramps were completely gone.


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