My husband’s mood had been really foul.

Over the last couple months, I had noticed my husband’s mood was changing.

He would be in a good mood in the morning, but by midafternoon, he would be angry.

His mood was getting so foul that I was afraid to leave him home with the kids when I went to work. I was talking to my sister, who is a nurse at the local trauma center, and she said it sounded to her like he had depression. She knew my husband had a diagnosis of ADHD when he was a young child, and he had been on the same medication ever since. Lately, that medication was not working well for him, and that is when the depression started. We went to his family physician and discussed everything that was happening with his attitude and the depression with him. The doctor said he was going to take his medication off him over the next six weeks, and in the meantime, he wanted us to work on getting a medical marijuana ID card form. He said that medical marijuana was changing many people’s lives by helping them with their ADHD, depression, and other medical symptoms. They were finding more focus and less manic moods. I’m truly hoping that medical marijuana will help with the ADHD, and stop his temper and bouts of depression. His bouts of depression are ruining our family life. When the doctor talked about medical marijuana, my husband got quiet, but I knew he was taking it seriously. He didn’t like how he felt anymore than we liked how he acted out.

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