OG Kush is a class hybrid strain of cannabis

Back when I first tried cannabis, all I knew was that you could get cheap marijuana with seeds plus stems or lavish marijuana with virtually no seeds plus minimal stems. At one point I found a book on marijuana growing plus l acquired that seedless marijuana is called sensimilla. But in university it was called “chronic” plus “crippy” more often than not, while it frequently arrived in our state being shipped across the country from out west. We often called it “medical grade” cannabis if it came from the west, but entirely it was actually rejected by a cannabis dispensary in the first venue if it eventually ended up on the black market. There are a number of reasons why a batch of cannabis flower products could get rejected by a cannabis dispensary, but most of them aren’t great reasons plus would actually make you question the quality of whatever you’re smoking. However, right around this time I was finally getting real strains of cannabis for what seemed care about the first time in our life. I got Afgoo, White Widow, Pinepear, Sour Diesel, plus Chocolate Diesel all within the first year of arriving at university. But it was the strain called OG Kush that entirely surprised myself and others the most. OG Kush is a classic hybrid strain of cannabis that has unknown origins, although some guess it’s an unknown strain that was brought to FL from Northern CA plus crossed with Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, plus Hindu Kush. I prefer the effects of OG Kush as it consistently feels care about a balanced hybrid to me, while others might believe care about it’s a little heavy for a hybrid.

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