Our pharmacy had a new owner, and a new inventory.

Last month, our pharmacy got a new owner.

She was the head pharmacist ever since the pharmacy opened, and she finally had time to take over ownership of the pharmacy.

Along with her having new ownership, she also put in a new inventory. Along with quite a few personal items, she also included a counter for CBD products. It surprised me when I walked into the pharmacy and saw the CBD products, but it was a pleasant surprise. I know many people who have talked about CBD, and actually got a medical marijuana ID card so they could purchase CBD at the marijuana dispensaries. With safe CBD being sold at the pharmacy, people were more apt to purchase the product knowing that the pharmacy is a safe place. The pharmacy I go to serves the elderly. I saw one older lady asking about the CBD Gummies, and she was looking all around to see if someone was listening to her. After having the CBD pulled out of the cabinet for her, she then noticed they had CBD for dogs. It thrilled her to know that she could get CBD to help her dog who is suffering from dysplasia. When they told her the price, she said she couldn’t care less what it cost. If she could get CBD for her puppy and make sure he was feeling better, she was okay with paying any amounts of money they asked for. She took her puppy CBD home with her, and I was told she called the next day. Emily told me that after the first dose of CBD, her puppy was already walking better.

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