Shopping the Labor Day sales at the medical marijuana dispensary

I don’t particularly spend my money much attention to federal holidays.

I work in the service industry and only get two holidays off each year, and that’s Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Any other holidays aren’t pressing enough to have any significance in my life beyond mere superficiality. What are you supposed to do when you don’t have any close family members left on this Earth? I lost my parents and my only sibling over the years, so I don’t have any immediate loved 1s to savor the Winter time holidays with, nor any other holidays throughout the year. On the other hand, I savor getting a wonderful deal at the store and will regularly stop to look at online sales advertisements for my favorite stores while in the week of a crucial federal holiday. Even Memorial Day will see savings upwards to 50% on some items depending on the style of store. This week it’s Labor Day and I saw the hardware store was having an end-of-summer time liquidation sale where numerous items had to leave the shelves to make room for new seasonal items. But the store with perhaps the best holiday savings is not the hardware store, but instead it is the marijuana dispensary that I care about over the others. They will have a general 40% off anything in the store, but then purchases over $400 are eligible for an additional 20% off. You can’t beat a 60% off sale on purchases over $400. I can stock up on cannabis oil cartridges for my vaporizer pen, as well as cannabis edibles and cannabis flower products.

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