Since I found CBD, my headaches are nearly nonexistent.

I have been prone to headaches for quite some time now. My doctor told me they were from my eyes, but even with my glasses, I still get headaches. My doctor told me about some medications I could use and even suggested I try Botox to stop the headaches. I wasn’t sure I wanted any kind of injection in my head, neck, or back. I talked to a good friend, and she suggested I try CBD. She told me she had severe pain from arthritis and since she started using CBD; the pain was all but gone. The pain doctor told her she would always have arthritis, but CBD would make it more tolerable. The next day, after talking to her, I went to the pharmacy and bought some CBD. I asked the pharmacist how much I should use. She told me to start with a half a gummy and slowly work my way up to the full gummy and even two. She assured me the CBD gummies would not get me high, but it would help ease pain. After two weeks of religiously using the CBD, I saw a change in the severity of my headaches and the amount of headaches I was having. I am eager to see if my headaches will continue to lower in severity and a longer lapse of time in between. I don’t care what people tell me about using CBD. I know it is legal, and I also find that it works better than any drug the doctor has given me. CBD is better than getting shots in my head and neck to stop the pain. I’m not afraid of using CBD.


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