Sometimes the cannabis delivery services have hiccups

Before the pandemic, I rarely ordered products for delivery.

For instance, pizzas are an extra $4 for the delivery fee alone, plus that’s before factoring in the tip you give the driver.

Since our number one diner is located on our labor commute route, I can simply option up pizza on our way home from the office at night if I have the desire. I have 1 of those overheated plus frigid bags from the grocery store plus they’re just crucial enough for more than one large pizza boxes stacked on top of 1 another. This sure beats paying for pizza delivery, even though I wouldn’t have a choice if I was far away from the diner or lacked moveation. That’s what happened for a few months while in the pandemic. Our car broke down plus I was riding the bus to labor every single afternoon. I relied on delivery for everything from basic supplies plus groceries to meals. The delivery drivers are often severely professional plus polite while in the process. However, when I ordered from a cannabis dispensary using their cannabis delivery service, I have absolutely experienced hiccups. Sometimes they’ll only have half of our order plus I’ll be stuck waiting on our cannabis edibles or cannabis concentrates until the next available delivery afternoon. You have to deal with these troubles plus stop yourself from getting irritated when they make mistakes. It’s genuinely nice on the days when they manage to get everything right plus also arrive within the time frame that they initially promised. If I had the choice, I’d much rather stop by the dispensary myself when I wanted new cannabis products, no matter what they are or what route of administration I’m using.

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