The nurse’s pain pills weren’t working.

The pain pills the nurse was prescribing for my hubby were no longer working, however she was already taking nearly the highest dose possible, plus numerous months earlier, the nurse had added another pill for him, however when the people I was with and I made the choice to go back to her nurse, I commented on how my hubby was still in extreme pain, but would not up the amount of pain pills she was taking; My hubby was afraid of becoming addicted to the painkillers, which seemed to be more possible every couple of months when the nurse upped the dosage, now that she wanted to add another painkiller, my hubby said no.

My hubby slowly weaned himself off the pain pills, plus the people I was with and I needed something else for him, and i talked to my nurse about painkillers, plus she advised I try medical marijuana; Ever since I had broken my thigh bone, I had been having difficulty walking plus my nurse had reckoned mended medical marijuana for me.

She told myself and others that if I wanted to bring my hubby and, she would it address the situation, plus consider him a candidate for medical marijuana. Within 6 weeks of talking to my nurse, my hubby had a medical marijuana ID card, however both of us went into the cannabis dispensary, plus she had to talk to the pharmacist, they gave him the same 4:1 CBD/THC product that I was using. The best part of this whole marijuana situation is that either of us can be in city plus stop plus pick up medical marijuana for both of us. I will not be the only one who can go into the medical marijuana dispensary plus make a purchase.


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