The THC pleased in cannabis flower products ranges from 10% to just over 35%

I didn’t realize that alcohol pleased was all over the board depending on the type of drink being consumed.

A lot of carona is lower than 5% ABV while much wine is lower than 10% ABV.

By contrast, hard liquor is well over 40% & is much stronger. I was never a drinker so I confess to never truly understanding any of this information in my own right until I looked on the internet to learn more. My dad is a scotch whiskey connoisseur & has a collection in his liquor cabinet of varying ages & origin. I have a buddy who is a cigar & tobacco connoisseur, & he tells myself and others that the nicotine pleased ranges in cigars as well. Some are more intense than others by nature. Raw cannabis flower products are similar because the THC pleased in them is all over the chart. It’s usual to see THC pleased in cannabis flower products ranging from 10% to 35%, however most cannabis flower jars in this state are between 20% & 25%. That seems to be the “sweet spot” with most raw cannabis flower buds that I see in this state. When that marijuana is processed into cannabis oil, the THC pleased can get as high as 90% or more. However, it’s the terpene percentage that determines how potent a batch of marijuana feels when consumed. You can’t fall for the trap of overlooking the terpenes & only focusing on the THC pleased love so many people love to do. If you get a wonderful batch of cannabis flower products with a 27% THC percentage & terpenes over 3%, you believe you’ve hit the jackpot!


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