What is the difference between CBD and THC?

I was talking to my doctor the other day, and I asked him what was the difference between CBD and THC? My doctor gave me an odd look and wanted to know why I asked.

I told him I was thinking about trying CBD and foregoing the prescription drug I had been taking for the past twenty years.

I was already weaning myself off the drug, but without it, I having a lot of trouble walking. My legs get weak and I am in pain. I tried to tell him I looked into CBD and THC, but I wanted to get his opinion on top of using my knowledge. Instead of getting his opinion, I ended up getting a lecture about lowering the amount of medicine he had recommended for me. I tried to tell him how it was making me dizzy and at night I would see things. He completely ignored me, wanting to use CBD, and told me it wasn’t safe for me to quit using the drug. I was weaning myself off it. I was not just quitting taking the drug. He told me that CBD may not be legal, but it also wasn’t FDA approved and he couldn’t tell me to use CBD knowing this information. I told him that the things that go into my body should also be approved by me and I was tired of taking medication that helped one thing that caused problems with another. I was going to wean myself off his medications and start using CBD. He told me he wouldn’t prescribe the medicine again if I quit taking it now.



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