Both of us are the local cannabis opening and now you think it

I work at a local cannabis dispensary, then both of us are a smaller, locally owned business.

Both of us offer all products that come from the community, and the flower is bought from a local grower.

The edibles are created on place from people who are active in our community. Both of us are not a sizable business, chain or mainstream at all. Both of us push that we are for the small neighborhood clients and the locals. For a while company wasn’t doing so hot. I couldn’t understand it. Both of us had such a great niche and offered fantastic products. I then realized nobody knew that we were the community cannabis option. The dispensary didn’t have a website or social media. I talked to the company owner about investing in cannabis SEO. I found an online SEO supplier that works with cannabis dispensaries. The first thing they did was provide a great website. The website tells all about what we do for the community and with the community. It goes into detail about the locally grown products. Both of us now have tons of positive reviews online as well. The next step was cannabis SEO to get the website ranking high on google! Now when you search cannabis and our area, we pop up instantaneously. It was shocking how much the company has grown since investing in digital SEO. Both of us get the locals making their monthly or weekly purchases. Both of us also get a lot of tourists that want to prefer the small neighborhood charm of a local weed shop. It was a undoubtedly great investment on the company owner’s part.

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