CBD was making myself and others tired.

The pharmacist at the medical marijuana dispensary told myself and others I should have no reaction to the CBD! It would help to ease the pain & allow myself and others to continue with my monthly chores with no side effects.

It took myself and others over a month to get my medical marijuana card, but I was finally holding it in my hand.

I considered not getting medical marijuana, however the dentist was so sure it was going to help me. I wanted to make sure I was using it officially, & was cheerful when the pharmacist came out to talk to myself and others before I had to talk to a budtender. I would have been confused over what they had & what they needed… What surprised myself and others the most was that the pharmacist didn’t think what I was getting medical marijuana for? I had to explain about my pain & how I didn’t want any side effect. I explained that the CBD I had been using would make myself and others tired, then she tried to tell myself and others there had to be a small amount of THC, but I told her there wasn’t. When she brought out a THC product the pharmacist advised, I wasn’t happy. I told her I wanted CBD & not THC. I think I was making her irritated, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to get high, but I wanted some comfort. I asked for the pharmacist to come to the counter so I could talk to him. I told him I had considered CBD with some THC, but I didn’t want a full THC product with just a hint of CBD because of the side effects.

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