I can vape on my job

I have a job as a cat sitter… I have an online site where you can book my animal services.

  • I can come over to your house just to put food in a dish while you are at work or I can stay at your house to completely care for cats while the homeowner is on a getaway, then a lot of people don’t know what to do with their cats when they are working or traveling.

It is stressful, however you want your pet doing well and know they are okay. So, there are tons of pet services out there. It is easier to take a dog to a kennel where they have fun with other dogs. Cats absolutely aren’t like that. They are more independent as well as less likely to get along with others, most cats don’t travel well either. That is where I come in. I prefer our job as a cat sitter. I have shoppers that use me just about every day. I see a wide variety of kitties. They are all different shapes, colors as well as have particular needs. So what I love about our job is that I can vape cannabis while I do it. I ride my bike to all the houses. I wear our vape pen around our neck. I can just take a few hits at different stops along the way. I don’t have any aroma when I vape cannabis oil on our clothing. I also keep a high CBD as well as low THC blend so I am not high on the task. It is nice that I have a task that allows me the freedom to smoke recreational weed. A normal office task wouldn’t be as cool about it.


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