I get so several promotional emails from cannabis stores in my area

I used to suppose it was great getting promotional coupons from various stores in my email accounts, however now that I’ve been consumed by a mountain of them over the years, I don’t suppose the same way.

I wish I could do a mass unsubscribe situation to get rid of them all, however I have to unsubscribe to every individual mail list independently. It’s a tedious process to say the least. I suppose like I made some headway getting rid of the email junk however after that I got another wave the following day. I also accidentally deleted myself from a few email lists that I wanted to stay subscribed to, which was frustrating as well. There are several types of corporations that supply myself and others the most promotional emails now. The first is food companies like fast food places and local steakhouses. I like to eat out a lot because I work late at the office most days out of the week. The other type of supplier that is constantly blowing up my inbox is a cannabis dispensary. There are dozens of cannabis stores in this town and I’ve been to most of them. I figured I’d accumulate rewards points at each cannabis dispensary, however I only entirely shop at several or many of them at most. They don’t all have the same quality cannabis products so I don’t bother wasting my cash at inferior stores. I like superb cannabis concentrates like live rosin and cannabis flower products that go through a usual dry curing process. Too several cannabis companies rush their dry curing when they produce cannabis flower products for retail sale.
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