I got to the door and almost walked back out.

I didn’t expect to get to the medical marijuana dispensary and see someone I knew. I deliberately went to a medical marijuana dispensary that was almost fifty miles away, thinking there wouldn’t be anyone I knew. When I got up to the door, I was ready to walk back out, but it was the knowledge no one knew me that allowed me to go inside. When I looked around, I was ready to walk back out, but it was only because I felt awkward. What really worried me was that I thought I recognized the man on the other side of the counter. Not only was I seeing someone I knew visiting the marijuana dispensary, but he was working here. He waved me forward and acted like he didn’t even know me. I kept trying to make him realize who I was, but it wasn’t working. I paid for my products and headed out the door. I was home for about two hours when I got a knock on the door. I couldn’t believe the man in the medical marijuana dispensary had followed me home. He didn’t want to let people he knew me when I was in the dispensary, but he had no problem following me home. He apologized for not talking to me when I was in the dispensary and wanted to explain why. He said the first thing they tell them is to not be in a dispensary where there are people they know or related to, coming in. He didn’t want to lose his job because they found out I was his ex-girlfriend.


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