I hate that people use me as a holiday home

Sporadically I will vape with cannabis oil when I have absolutely bad depression

I hate that everyone uses my house as a getaway location. When you live on the west coast everyone is willing to come see you. They act like they are visiting you but it absolutely is just a getaway for them. Everybody wants to sit at my house for free. They then get access to the nice weather, sand, free dinner as well as recreational weed. My mother in law in particular is quick to come as well as visit. I assume if I lived up north, nobody would want to see me anymore. I get exhausted of all the visitors. Everybody wants to do the same thing too. The moment they arrive all the people want to see a recreational cannabis dispensary or make a stop at 1 they went to last time, but people who don’t have access to recreational weed find it so neat. They want to browse the products as well as buy something. They get happy by THC infused gummies, pot laced edibles as well as hookahs. They act love going to a recreational pot shop is love going to an amusement park or anywhere else super fun. Since I get access to recreational weed all the time, it is love going to a drug store for me. I only use cannabis for medical purposes. I take cannabis oil at night in order to sleep well. I have a topical that is nice for our muscle pain after a workout. Sporadically I will vape with cannabis oil when I have absolutely bad depression. I don’t want to get high or party with cannabis. It just isn’t my idea of fun.



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