I have a sibling that uses cannabis to ease chronic anxiety symptoms

My siblings and I couldn’t be more different, even though we come from the same parents and were all raised together in the same house.

My oldest brother is a recluse, my youngest sister is a fashion model, I work in iPad IT, and my other brother is an auto mechanic.

While none of us have any drastic medical conditions, my other sister has been dealing with a lot of anxiety complications since she was young. A pediatrician diagnosed her chronic anxiety when she was only more than seven years old. However, our parents were understandably reluctant to put my sister on pharmaceutical mental health drugs at such a young age. She was put into counseling almost immediately and they encouraged her to learn an instrument as a means to express her drawback feelings. This entirely helped, however it was blatant by school that she needed something to help with her chronic mental health problems. The anxiety symptoms kept getting worse as she got older until she finally started using medical cannabis. Our state legalized it and she asked if she could try it when she was hanging out at my home a single night. I’ve been using cannabis ever since it was still illegal in this state. I consciously had her try an indica strain that is supposed to be good at relieving anxiety. It’s loaded with the terpene myrcene which is known for its calming and sedating effects. She was immediately hooked on cannabis after feeling the anxiety and stress relief. Now she has her own medical marijuana card and shops at the same medical cannabis dispensaries that I do.


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