I have to budget for my bud

It’s hard budgeting for my tax bill every single year because I never seem to split even with the many contract gigs I have from month to week. A lot of my friends look forward to their tax refunds arriving at the beginning of the year, but I’m constantly wondering if I’ll have a bill just as I had the year prior. Then it requires a few weeks of finding the craziest ways to try to fund a few more weeks of my survival separate from eating nothing but nasty ramen noodles for every meal. Otherwise I risk late fees on my tax payments, thus getting myself and others further & further behind to the point where I can’t seem to stay caught up with bills. I undoubtedly could benefit from an accountant who could make better decisions for myself and others throughout the year & withhold the regular amount of necessary money every month so there are no discrepancies when it comes time to file taxes. These are not the only yearly expenses that I have to budget for, as my certified medical marijuana patient status is constantly hanging in the balance. Unless I spend money on it, giving the state $72 every year, I will lose my privilege of shopping at a legal medical marijuana dispensary entirely. While some cannabis stores offer discounts to recoup the $72 that is lost to the cost of the state, my favorite cannabis dispensary does not offer this kind of discount. I seriously don’t want to shop at an inferior dispensary just to recoup my expenses to maintain this damn medical marijuana card. It’s not hard getting a medical marijuana card as long as you can manage to afford the money to the state on top of the money paid to the cannabis dispensary.



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