I like making my own marijuana candy

It’s a lot of fun to make marijuana candy at home.

Marijuana distillate is one of the best products to use, because the product has already been decarboxylated.

Distillate is ready to be vaped or eaten. Either way, you still get the same effect from the THC in the product. It’s very easy to dose the edibles with a distillate syringe. I can easily see how much marijuana oil is going into the recipe. I can add a little more or less depending on the strength of the candy and my personal taste. I start off with a little bit of sugar and a small amount of water. After the sugar starts to disintegrate, I add some corn syrup. Corn syrup is the main ingredient in marijuana candy. Corn syrup helps the product take its shape and it gives the candy a nice texture and shape. When I make marijuana candy at home, I use silicone molds. I have several different types of molds. Some of the molds look like marijuana plants, but most of them look like regular candy shapes. I have silicone molds for shells and jewels, robots and cars, and mermaids and princesses. I can make marijuana candy out of all of the silicone molds and it turns out the same. I add a little bit of flavoring extract to the batch of candy when I add the marijuana distillate. The extracts add a nice flavor and scent to each one of the candies. I have a variety of different extracts like coconut, vanilla, watermelon, cinnamon tea berry, and butter rum.


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