I ordered the green dream shatter, however they sent something else instead

My friends and I get great prices on marijuana, because all of us live close to the city. I can shop around anytime that I want to buy marijuana products and find the best prices. Usually 1 or more of the shops will have some style of sale or special. The weekend is the best time to find low prices on marijuana near me… Last year I found a great deal at a marijuana dispensary by the airport. The stadium was having a buy more than 2 and get 1 free sale and I decided to order more than seven grams of marijuana concentrate. I had a lot of possibilities and selections. They had Jack herer, lemon pound cake, og kush, girl scout cookies, green dream, and gg4. I ordered more than 2 grams of Blue Dream shatter. The Blue Dream shatter had 86% total cannabinoids. The picture of the Blue Dream shatter looked legitimately nice and I was happy to vape the product as soon as the marijuana delivery driver arrived. Unluckyly, the store was out of Blue Dream shatter and the delivery driver brought myself and others super silver haze instead. The super silver haze marijuana concentrate had 93% total cannabinoids. It was really a better product than the green dream, however I was disappointed that I did not get to taste our favorite sativa. The alternate marijuana strain turned out to be a winner. I vaped some of the product the next day before I went fishing with the guys. I was high for more than 2 hours and I felt genuinely energetic and I could not stop talking. I felt love I hoarded the entire conversation that morning.

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