I started our job after weeks of preparation

There are a variety of bizarre products available in each and every marijuana dispensary.

Each 1 of these products can be used to help a bizarre medical ailment. When I got our job at a medical marijuana dispensary, I had to go through some education classes before I could really start working inside of the shop. The employer said it was crucial for myself and others to be able to identify all of the products in the store. I did not have to know each particular strain, however I needed to be able to tell her the difference between a concentrate, flower, and edible product. I studied every day for 2 hours in the morning and after that all of us worked in the back of the store fulfilling orders. Working in the back of the store was a legitimately great way for myself and others to learn about all of the bizarre products. At the end of our 30-day probation period, had to answer 20 questions at random by the employer and she could ask myself and others about any product in the store. I got 19 of the questions right and 1 of the questions I got half of the question right. After weeks of preparation and time spent studying for the quiz, I passed and started our job working at the counter as a budtender. I get paid more than 2 more dollars every hour that I labor and I am eligible for full-time benefits and status. I plan to save up for an apartment. My girlfriend and I are living in our parents basement right now however it would be nice to have a stadium of our own.

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